Former Global Satellite Soccer Academy (GSSA) standout defender, Kaeson Trench, will be representing the Barbados National Team senior squad as the play against Belize at The Wildey Turf Field in Barbados on Sunday June 3rd at 7 pm.

Kaeson, who joined GSSA in 2014, took part in two Academy Showcase tours of England before deciding to accept a contract from TFC. Kaeson, is an outstanding defender. While your primary job as a defender is to keep the other team from scoring, a good defender does so much more than that. An outstanding defender provides vital information to your teammates on the field, pressures opponents into making mistakes which give his or her team the opportunity eliminate the threat and possibly start the offense. Good defence allows support for teammates and cover for them so they can find scoring opportunities. A good soccer defender needs strong technical skills, mental toughness, and physical fitness. Kaeson has all of these in some measure as he continues his development.

All of us at GSSA wish Kaeson the very best. Go Barbados, go!!!