GSSA was crowned EDP Classic Tournament 2017 Champions in New Jersey USA this past weekend Nov 11-12, 2017.


Our boys, who played in the U19 Michigan State Division, were outstanding and gained the admiration of opposing teams and spectators alike. GSSA scored 11 goals while only conceding 3 against. The defense remained resolute all weekend as new GK recruit Jonathan Vaughn was spectacular in a baptism of fire.

This has been a huge year of success for these boys and they have once again done our Club and themselves proud. The strength of our team is each individual player and the strength of each player is the team. Our system of play from the youngest members to the oldest lads is based on this premise. We train hard at this team play and the possession and selflessness, like dogs after meat. There is no room for compromise for we believe that the difference between talent and success is hard work. In the words of Sir Alex, ” Hard work will beat skill every day if skill doesn’t work hard”.